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1. Reproduction / use of JPC data appearing in any of its reports / publications requires prior permission from JPC.


2. Further such use should acknowledge the source i.e. JPC in each place of its occurrence.


3. It is also preferred that JPC be given a copy of the work where its data or any other information appearing in any of its reports and / or publication, has been used/reproduced. 

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  • SIMA organises seminar at Dubai on April 29-30, 2019

    Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association (SIMA) in association with ASSOCHAM India and International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA) is organising a seminar on ‘Asian Conference on Metallics for steel making’at JWS Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai on April 29-30, 2019. Download File

  • Secretary D.O. report

    Please note that Secretary D.O. report (March 2018 Issue onward) will be available only for subscribers of JPC MIS Report. For subscription enquiries, you may write to us at "" 

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